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May 30, 2013

Huyu Ndio Mwanadada Amy Winhouse Alifariki Kwa Madawa ya Kulevya na Report Yake ya Dactari Kuchakachuliwa Jana na Kusambazwa Kama Report ya Uchunguzi wa Marehemu Albert Mangwea

Kumekuwa na ripoti nayoendelea kusambazwa kuhusu ikiaminika kuwa ni ripoti ya daktari wa hospitali ya St. Hellen ya Johannesburg alipofia msanii Albert Mangwea na wengi wamekuwa wakiiamini, lakini ripoti hiyo sio ya kweli na imetolewa/kutoholewa kutoka katika ripoti ya mwimbaji Amy Winehouse aliyefariki dunia mwaka 2011.

Taarifa hizi zinazoendea kusambaa zimetolewa ripoti ya Doctor Shirley wa hospitali ya St. Panras Coroner huku uingereza kuhusu kifo cha Amy aliyekutwa amekufa nyumbani kwake huko Camden, kaskazini mwa London tarehe 23 July, 2011. Ripoti hiyo iliandikwa kwenye gazeti la Independent lenye kichwa cha habari ‘I don’t want to die: Amy Winehouse’s words just hours before her death’.

Hii ni ripoti inayosambazwa jana kuhusu kifo cha Ngwea:

“Helen Joseph Hospital - Auckland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Medical report from Helen Joseph hospital, Dr. Shirley Radcliffe confirming that; Albert Mangwair died from: “Alcohol toxicity” after drinking too much, Over-exhaustion and drugs overdose. The inquest heard that Albert 28, collapsed in his friend's home had been more than five-times the legal S.A drink-drive limit with 416mg of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood in his system. Dr. Radcliffe described the reasons for ICU admission included hypoxemia and one of his friend found “two empty vodka bottles in the car” and he had been suffering from the eating disorder (Bulimia)

for several months before his death and endless partying session with little or no resting. Sample taken from his stomach showed poly-drug cocktail and he overdosed Heroin, Cocaine 'crack' and cannabis 0.08gms was also found in his blood, and his death was caused by massive heart attack and respiratory failure followed by sudden heart stop...and end up dead within seconds.”

Na hii ni Ripoti ya kifo cha Amy Winehouse:

Amy Winehouse told her GP she didn’t want to die just hours before
she was found dead, a second inquest into her death has heard.

The coroner’s verdict, confirming that Winehouse died from “alcohol toxicity” after drinking too much, is identical to that of the first hearing, which had to be repeated after the deputy coroner on duty was found to be unqualified.

St Pancras Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe recorded a second verdict of death by “misadventure”.
The inquest heard that Winehouse, 27, who was found dead at her home in Camden, North London on 23 July 2011, had been more than five-times the legal drink-drive limit with 416mg of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood in her system.

Radcliffe described “two empty vodka bottles [found] on the floor” beside Winehouse’s bed, which she was said to have “voluntarily consumed”.

Winehouse’ GP, Dr Christina Romete gave evidence in a written statement that said she saw her patient the night before her death at which time “she specifically said she did not want to die”.

The doctor, who described Winehouse as single-minded and intelligent, continued: “She was genuinely unwilling to follow the advice of doctors, being someone who wanted to do things her own way.”

Winehouse had repeatedly refused psychiatric help fearing its effect on her creativity, Romete said. Her statement revealed that Winehouse had been suffering from the eating disorder Bulimia for several months before her death.

The Back to Black singer had a history of alcohol and drug use, including heroine, crack cocaine and cannabis, but had stopped taking drugs before spending some months in St. Lucia.

Romete stated that the singer was taking medication Librium to cope with alcohol withdrawal and had fallen into a pattern of abstaining from drinking and then relapsing.

The night before her death Winehouse told Romete that after three weeks without a drink she had started drinking again “because she was bored”.

A statement from Winehouse’s bodyguard Andrew Morris was also heard. He described his relationship with the artist as being like “brother and sister”.  He said he had checked on her in the morning, returning at around 3pm because “it was still quiet, which seemed strange”.

When he returned to her room “She was in the same position as in the morning. I checked her pulse but I couldn't find one," he said.

Detective Inspector Les Newman confirmed that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.
The post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as alcohol toxicity and probable respiratory arrest.

The inquest was reheard following the resignation of the coroner in charge, according to a spokesman for Camden Council.

St Pancras coroner Dr Andrew Reid quit in December after allegations that he hired his “unqualified” wife as an assistant deputy coroner.

Suzanne Greenaway was appointed assistant deputy coroner in inner north London in 2009 by Dr Reid but she stood down in November after it emerged she did not have the correct qualifications.

Dr Reid was suspended in February as the Official for Judicial Complaints (OJC) began an investigation.
Winehouse’s name was on list of inquests set to be reheard in January at St Pancras Coroner’s Court.