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May 27, 2013

Kama Ulikuwa Humjui Mtoto Mrembo Zari Kutoka Uganda Ndio Huyu Aliyedai Hawezi Kushindana Big Brother Kwa $300,000 Wakati Yeye Anaendesha Tuu Gari la $389,500

Do you think $300,000 is a lot of money? Well, for many of us, that’s a fortune and we might even leave this terrible world without having ‘money we call our own’ half of that spondulicks (mouth-watering money). But as many Tanzanians say ‘Usiseme hatuna hela, sema mimi sina hela’ $300,000 is merely a peanut to the boss lady herself, Zari Hussein.
The beautiful Ugandan enterprenuer and singer, thinks three hundred thousand US dollars which is a grand price that Big Brother Africa contestants compete for, is a small amount of money you can spend in hours. As matter of fact, Zari owns a 389,500 car!! Did we forget to tell you that Zari drives a Lamborghini among other expensive toys?

“BBA I drive a car of $3895000 therefore can’t compete for $300000, its only for small boys,” she tweeted yesterday amid the official launch of The Chase. However, she deleted the tweet upon being attacked by her followers on Twitter.
“Was husting it out this sunday for tenders while yall chillaxed. Am making me some #$$$$…,” she added.
Zari Hassan owns state-of-the-art vehicles which includes BMW – 2006, Black Chrysler – 2008, Audi Q7 – 2010, Silver Crysler – 2008, JETTA-2006, Mercedes Benz convertible -2008. All the above mentioned vehicles have personalized number plates of ZARI 2-4-H GP.