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August 23, 2013

Huyu Ndio TUJUANE Ambae Picha Zake Aliweka Picha Hizi za Ajabu Na Kutukanwa Kwenye Mitandao Baada ya Kuweka Picha Hizi Kabla Picha zake za Utupu Kuleak

Eda Otieno was the main girl on Tujuane last night.. She turned out to be another Mirfat, if you know what I mean.
Perhaps you should read our other stories on last night's show to get an idea...

Anyway, I think the first thing you should do before appearing on Tujuane is to deactivate your Twitter and Facebook accounts, because people did not take long to figure out her Fb page and Twitter handle @eda_atieno. Those photos are the base of the memes doing rounds.

Here's the girl, if you missed the show.

Photos from her Facebook page..

Kuona Picha zake za Ajabu na Utupu zilizosambaa Click Hapa Uzione