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December 18, 2013

Mtandano wa Ghafla Umetoa Macelebrtiy 13 wanovutia Sana Kwa Kenya.TAZAMA PICHA

#13. S.T.L -Rapper

#12. Wangeci -Rapper
The young starlet has really come of age and I must admit that almost nothing is sexier on a lass than the aura of innocence. unfortunately, if I were to continue down this discourse I would creep everyone out so let me still my tongue.

#11. Charity Kimani -News Anchor

#10. Grace Msalame -Talk show Host

#9. Amani Amaru -Model
This is one nubile, lithe, tall glass of cushitic sexiness.

#8. Joyce Omondi -Gospel Artist and TV Personality

#7. Bridgette Shighadi -Model
Ed will kill me. This slot was originally for Lady Karun. But I smote the beast so I craft the list.
And you would never guess that she loves the weedy-weedy.

#6. Julie Gichuru -News Anchor and Journalist
I was threatened in the event she didn't appear on this list.

#5. Brenda Wairimu -Juliani's Girlfriend

#4. Kambua -Gospel Artist

#3. Xtatic -Rapper

#2. Caroline Mutoko
Power is the greatest aphrodisiac.

#1. Lupita Nyong'o

Source: Glafla