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May 27, 2013

Yaani Wakati Jana Tuu Ndio Big Brother Imeanza Leo AsubuhiMatukio Haya Tena Ya Kufanyiana Masagi Yameonekana

MP2_May27_064051_0 013 
Yeah, things are getting hotter on the first day and Housemates are getting cozy as they start chasing after the $US 300,000 Grand Prize.
Besides their task, as a way entertaining themselves and getting to know each other more, Housemates employed different  means to make their first busy night in Biggie’s House active and meaningful.
Among the many scenes which were worth an eyebrow, Big Brother decided to fully show us a massage ride given By Uganda’s Denzel to the Kenyan Neighbor Huddah.
As the rest of the crew decided to stay with the clowned fellas  doing their  fire task, the twosome went to the bedroom after Huddah asked the Ugandan lad for a ride. Just as expected, any hesitation or No would put the latter  down so neither did  he even think twice about the request which seemed an offer to him!
Have you ever thought of  a free massage expert? Hope not but in this  case, think of Denzel. The guy seemed interested in what he was doing despite the fact that no reward was awaiting!
It was really a long drive paired up with some questionable sexy screaming from Huddah  which made the dude get more guts of doing the “ting”.

MP2_May27_064051_0 050
As the service went on, the Rubies cute lass was heard asking for permission from Denzel to fart, who again with no hesitation permitted her to go ahead! Was this an obsession with the service or something else?….Anyway, its Denzel to tell us because it is confusing; You are providing a free service and you at the same time let the bad air released to you!
That aint the point, but we expected the guy to at least ask for the same treat but he just walked out of the room!!…All along I though that  massage leads to the same treat, but Denzel changed it all…..Anyway things happen and people can do a lot to friends or people they find worthy something.
Could this be the beginning of some showmances in the chase,or it will be something bigger than that between the duo?