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October 31, 2013

Juacali Amjibu Senetor Sonko kuhusu Picha zake alizokuwa ameziweka Mtandaoni akiwa na Mpenzi wake Kiandani,Sasa Yeye Yupo na Baby Mama wanaKula Bata

Sonko has had a rough couple of months with some photos allegedly of him and Rachel Shebesh leaking and doing the rounds on the internets and people ridiculing him in funny albeit cruel ways. And then he declared that he would mobilise youth -which to me and any like minded individuals reads idle hooligans looking to make a quick buck off of mayhem and chaos- by leading them on a march to JKIA.
 And why would they be matching there? Well, so that they may frustrate the I.C.C's summon of Kenya's president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. And not everyone is amused by this threat to fund and mobilise a gang of rowdy idle youth.
Ju Cali recently took to Facebook to issue a statement on the same and this is what he said:


And it reads, "Mr Sonko pliz Rally the Youth against UNEMPLOYMENT ,against DRUGS(ALCOHOLISM),against TRIBALISM,against TEENAGE PREGNANCIES.....