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August 20, 2013

Check Picha Jinsi Beyonce alivyolizpiza Style ya Kijinga Akiwa Anafanya Performance Stejeni

People just can't let celebrities be. After Beyonce cut her hair short, people said she was copying Rihanna. Now after grabbing her crotch in her last performance she is still said to be imitating Rihanna. I don't think the crotch grabbing move was invented by Rihanna so i tell everyone can pretty much do it...

See some comments from fans
"I'm sorry, I just don't think her legs open and the mouth action are attractive-looks like she's trying too hard. In another picture she looks like she's tap dancing. She just doesn't look like Sasha Fierce to me with this new hair."
"She doesn't need to stoop to all this sexualisation. She's had a great talent and can be successful without it. She's beginning to look a bit desperate." 
"The crotch grab is getting a bit old isn't it?" 
"Too bad that these performers have to point out their private parts to us as if we did't know they have them. It cheapens the performance . I would have thought Beyonce was beyond the need for this redundant act performed by Michael Jackson,Madonna, Rihanna and scores of others before her, apparently not." 
"I don't understand why all these RnB / rap artists have to grab their crotch's all the looks ridiculous!!"