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August 8, 2013

Mchina Kashindikana:Check Jinsi Mchina Alivyotengeneza Gari la Dhamani Aina Ya La Lamborghini kwa Kutumia Vyuma Cahakavu ( Scraper Metal) na Kitu kimetoka kama Kilivyo


 Wang Jian, a young Chinese farmer who worked at a garage for more than a decade, built a replica of Lamborghini Reventon with an old Volkswagen, and a small Reventon model car to use as reference.
This self-made Chinko Lambor cost Wang around 60,000 RMB ($9,450) and can reach a maximum speed of 160mph, according to local media’s reports.

Wang’s Lamborghini runs on a Volkswagen engine, it has a frugal interior and it is not painted. Chinese police did not grant Wang a license for this home made Reventon. Hence, instead of showing off on the streets, he started to use it as a transport of fertilizer for his fields…