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September 27, 2012

Jamaa amfumania Mpenzi wake live akiliwa Uroda na Rafiki yake Kwenye Choo cha Jamii(Public Toilet).IPO KAMA hIVI

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A Beitbridge man got a kick on his teeth when he caught his wife having sex with one of his friend in a public toilet.

This was after she had left her husband in the bar under the pretext of having a running stomach. The man, Fungai Mazvidza will live to rue the day he decided to take his wife, Caroline Sibanda, along when he went to a drinking spree with his friends. One of his friends only identified as Joseph thought Mazvidza had one too many and allegedly agreed with Sibanda to go and have a 'quickie' in the toilet.

When Joseph left the bar, he claimed he was moving to where there was 'more fun'.

"A few minutes after Joseph had left, Sibanda told her husband that she was having stomach pains and wanted to rush to the toilet. Sibanda took too long and Mazvidza started complaining and feeling cold. He followed the woman to the toilet to collect his jacket. The man got the shock of his life when he found his wife busy having a nice time with Joseph," said the source.

Upon questioning the two about what they were really up to, Mazvidza reportedly got what he least expected as Joseph allegedly punched him. As a result, the highly intoxicated man fell down presenting the two with a good opportunity to escape.

"When revellers heard some noise, they hurried to the toilet. While Mazvidza was narrating his ordeal, Joseph bashed him before disappearing into thin air. As if that was not enough torture from his wife, Sibanda in the following day came in the company of the police after having reported domestic violence charges," said the source.

When reached for comment, Mazvidza confirmed the incident saying he was still in dilemma.

"I am still trying to figure out why my wife chose to have sex in the toilet with my friend. Of course she had apologised but since that day, my friend went into hiding," said Mazvidza.

Sibanda refused to comment and simply terminated the phone call.

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